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Former All-Pro NFL running back Warrick Dunn is making himself a fortune after making a sound investment following his retirement from the NFL.

Dunn, who went to Florida State, was selected with the No. 12 overall pick in the 1997 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent four of his first 12 years in the NFL with the Bucs, earning Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. He, then, signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004, before returning to Tampa Bay, where he retired in 2008.

During his 12-year career, Dunn made $36 million. One year after retiring, Dunn purchased a minority stake in the Falcons organization for $9 million. At the time, the team was worth $856 million, according to Forbes. Today, they are worth $4 billion, which has brought Dunn a huge return on investment. Over 500% to be exact.

That initial $9 million has been turned into at least $50 million, while the former player remains a part owner of an NFL franchise. It’s worth noting that NFL teams increase in value every year as the league continues to make profits:

An all-pro running back made $36 million during his 12 years in the NFL.

1 year after retiring, he bought the team he played for (and it’s turning into millions).

Here’s the fascinating story:

— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash)

2) Dunn joined Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 after a pro-bowl season.

He became the highest-paid RB at the time:
• six-year, $28.5 million salary
• $6.5 million signing bonus

And Dunn was smart with his money…

— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash)

4) Warrick Dunn retired from the NFL and bought a minority stake in the Atlanta Falcons.

1% of the team cost ~ $9M.

And the investment is paying off big time…

— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash)

By being smart with money during his NFL career…

Warrick Dunn turned $9M into at least $50M (and partially owns an NFL team).

Dunn has also helped build more than 170 homes for needy families.


— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash)

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