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Appalled with Bucs offense.

A football cousin of sorts to Bucs coach Todd Bowles, Louis Riddick of BSPN, is not liking what he is seeing with the Tampa Bay offense.

Why does Joe refer to Riddick as a football cousin of Bowles? Well, Bowles is a branch off the Bill Parcells tree. So too is Bill Belicheat. And Riddick played defensive back for Belicheat in Cleveland.

Riddick, a former Eagles pro player personnel guy who is best known for his excellent football analysis on BSPN, is so annoyed with the Bucs offense that he believes someone should be arrested and charged.

Riddick was watching the 49ers beat down the Bucs yesterday and he could not believe how little stud receiver Mike Evans was being targeted. (Yes, Joe knows Evas had an awesome 68-yard touchdown before a certain left tackle got busted for holding — again.)

So Riddick took to Twitter with his outrage.

He is absolutely right! The guy cobbling together the gameplan is robbing Team Glazer blind. Forget his incompetence for a second if you can; how much money you think this Byron Leftwich has cost Team Glazer? A couple of weeks ago the Bucs still had a chance to get the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. Now? Pfffttt!

And because of this trash offense, the Bucs are fighting for their playoff lives trying to win one of the worst divisions in NFL history.

Imagine if the Bucs do not make the playoffs. You think you can put a price on how much loot Leftwich will have cost Team Glazer? Just unreal!

So Riddick is absolutely correct in more ways than one.

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