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Todd Bowles loves Logan Ryan.

Bucs coach Todd Bowles has only been in charge for a handful of months and is somewhat measured in praise of players.

Oh, Bowles will talk up a guy if he is practicing well or flashes skills. But Bowles isn’t over the top with his praise.

Except for Logan Ryan.

The free agent pickup over the offseason, Ryan has splashed in training camp with several tipped passes at the line of scrimmage. Joe also knows of at least two picks Ryan had in the first five practices against vacationing Tom Brady.

Bowles was asked about the expectations of Ryan and fellow newcomer Keanu Neal.

“I think they’ve exceeded them,” Bowles said. “Logan has been unbelievable from a workout standpoint, an intelligence standpoint and learning everything so quickly. I haven’t seen a guy learn our defense that fast, and not just the safety spot but the corner and the nickel spot.

“And not just learning it – that’s not taking away from his play, because he knows how to play as well. He brings a lot to the table there.”

You only need to listen to Ryan speak once to understand what a smart guy he is. The fact Ryan is picking up this defense so quickly is great on a number of levels. Hopefully, he can take Zyon McCollum under his wing. McCollum has displayed at times his crazy good athletic skills. Add smarts to athletic skills, look out!

Bowles also noted what a valuable addition Neal is.

“Keanu is nothing but a pro since he’s come in,” Bowles said. “He’s dropped his weight, going from linebacker in Dallas to coming in now [as a safety]. We know how he is in the run game.

“The great thing was he understands the passing game, he understands the angles and his drops have been very good. So I’ve been very pleased with both of them.”

Last year, depth really bit the Bucs in the behind in the secondary. And while it stings losing Jordan Whitehead, adding players like Ryan and Neal really could make the secondary a dangerous weapon.

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