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Took control?

Very, very, very interesting intel from the pride of Seminole High School, Jeff Darlington of ESPN.

When you work for the four-letter (and the Fort Knox-like vault of cash they drop on the NFL each year), you get access that most of the local slobs like Joe in the Tampa Bay pen and mic club don’t.

So Darlington passed along information from stud receiver Mike Evans. It seemed Tom Brady was bound and determined to light up Carolina’s secondary on Sunday, and Evans was going to be his main target. No matter what.

As Darlington Twittered, “[Evans] said Brady kept telling him, ‘I’m gonna keep coming to you no matter what.’”


Most of the season Joe has been trying to figure out who changed the offense from no-risk-it; no-biscuit to a power running team specializing in short passes, Bucs coach Todd Bowles or failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich?

This has been the main reason why the Bucs were fighting for their lives to win the lousy NFC South.

Well, based on Evans’ words to Darlington yesterday, it sure smells like at least for one game, Brady put his foot down and decided to take control of the offense.

The way the offense played yesterday, Joe would be perfectly fine letting Brady call the plays the rest of the way out, if Brady was calling the shots on Sunday. Or maybe he’s been in charge for weeks?

What I found most interesting talking to Bucs WR Mike Evans today: He said Brady kept telling him, “I’m gonna keep coming to you no matter what.” Evans hadn’t scored a TD since Week 4, but Brady was ready to ride or die with him in this pivotal game. 10 catches, 207 yds, 3 TDs. pic.twitter.com/7U2MndfGrO

— Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington) January 2, 2023

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