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“Sorry, Tom. I’d do it again.”

One of the more interesting nuggets of the Buccaneers’ offseason was young Super Bowl right guard Alex Cappa turning down Tom Brady’s pleas for his return.

That doesn’t happen every day.

It also makes cynical Joe wonder what Cappa knew or thought he knew.

Cappa, 27, landed with the AFC champion Bengals and locked down $13.5 million for this season and he’s set to pull in another $6.5 million next season.

To replace Cappa, the Bucs coughed up a fifth-round pick to the Belicheats for Shaq Mason, who has been a rock on the right side of Tampa Bay’s offensive line. But for some unknown reason the Bucs can’t run the ball right too well.

So could one say the Bucs won the swap?

Joe hasn’t broken down the film of Mason and Cappa to give an intelligent answer. But they do love Cappa in Cincinnati and think he’s a Pro Bowler.

Here’s a snippet from the Bengals’ official website this week in a feature on Cappa:

Bengals all-time left guard Dave Lapham, the club’s long-time radio analyst, says Cappa is playing at an elite level and compares his pass-blocking prowess to his Super Bowl teammate and multiple Pro Bowl right guard Max Montoya.

“He’s added new tools to his game during the offseason in pass protection,” Boggs says. “He’s playing pass pro a little differently. He’s always been a monster in the run game. He plays the pass a little more aggressively than he did in Tampa.”

Joe wonders whether the Bucs’ deep knowledge of Cappa’s weaknesses is something that can be capitalized on in today’s Bucs-Bengals game. Yeah, there’s film on every player, but it’s a little different when your coaches spent years around a guy.

Maybe, just maybe, Todd Bowles can take advantage.

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