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“Derek, Ira can show you a nice night at Bern’s. I’ll pick up the tab.”

The slimy Saints can kiss Derek Carr goodbye. But what about the Bucs?

Yesterday, as Ian Rapoport and wings-wolfing Tom Pelissero reported, Raiders Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr put the brakes on the framework of a trade to the slimy Saints and said he will not accept any trade. To any team. Carr, so long as he is employed by Las Vegas, has a no-trade clause in his contract.

With the Raiders due to pay Carr a roster bonus of some $40 million on Wednesday (an exact month before the free agency dinner bell rings), it is expected in the coming days if not hours, Carr will be released allowing him to negotiate with any team.

What about the Bucs? Yes, Joe is fully aware the Bucs are in salary cap hell, at least for this year. Next year should be different.

Would the Bucs bring in Carr with deferred cash? You know, kick the can down the curb? Is Carr worth kicking the can down the curb?

Joe is beginning to think the Bucs need Carr more than Carr needs the Bucs. The Bucs still do not have an offensive coordinator and the combine is two weeks from tomorrow (the real combine, not the nonsense, glorified indoor track meet/reality TV show you see on NFL Network).

Joe cannot fathom the Bucs not having an offensive coordinator by the time the coaches and scouts and front office types fly to Indianapolis.

One reason the Bucs don’t have an offensive coordinator is the job is not currently attractive. What decent coordinator wants this job without knowing who their quarterback is?

At risk of inviting a flamewar from Gators fans, Joe doesn’t think Kyle Trask is a selling point except for a guy who had success with him at Florida, Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson.

At least with Carr, you have a veteran who has been good enough to make the playoffs and play in Pro Bowls. A decent offensive coordinator can certainly work with that.

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