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During the last few weeks of the NFL, fans have noticed that the has gotten a little “soft” in certain areas. With so much success early on in the year, it’s surprising to see the struggle so much over the last couple of weeks.

has done a great job keeping the defense disciplined and healthy this year.

I love his style and I am sure many of you can agree with me when I say, well done Coach Quinn. However, I think there have been recent issues that need addressing before the big game Monday.

Ever since the game, the defense has forgotten how elite they are.

So, what changes can Dan and the entire defense make to prevent giving up big points against next week?

Get In Tom Brady’s Face

pressures and are a topic that isn’t discussed much lately. Early on in the season, players like , , and many other robust Pro Bowlers were rushing the quarterback almost every single down. 

When the Cowboys play like this with aggression and speed, it’s hard to get past them.

Good teams like the Bengals, Eagles, and Giants all had a stressful time on earlier this year because we blitzed them so often. Lately, I just haven’t seen that much pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

I am looking forward to seeing Parsons and Lawrence in the backfield on Monday night. Pressure in his face and a couple of good, hard sacks will knock Tomy Brady off his game.

Cowboys Secondary Must Show Up

Ok, honestly, what on earth happened?

At the beginning of the year, the was one of the best in the whole league, but it hasn’t been these last few weeks. We’re giving up a ton of passing yards.

In week two against the Bengals, they held to under 200 yards (he had 199). Then they let Jaguars QB throw for 318 yards and 4 touchdowns against them.

That is not good on any terms, especially when you are about to go up against a quarterback who has won seven Super Bowls. The secondary and cornerbacks need to get it together before this game or we can kiss the victory goodbye.

Dan Quinn’s Playbook Needs to Evolve

This is where I call Dan Quinn out a little bit. You see, Dan had the best defense in the entire league, until the Jags game. What happened at the Jags game, you may ask? His defensive strategy was exposed.

Everything Quinn worked to achieve earlier in the season has gone out the window now.

Teams were unable to figure out the ins and outs of his secret playbook for a while, but the Jags finally did it. Now, Jacksonville has published a whole book on how to get past Dan Quinn, and he’s in a bit of trouble.

The Jags showed the entire league how to defeat us and ever since then, teams have been putting large numbers of points up on us.

Dan needs to come up with a semi-new plan here.

You can be certain that the Bucs are watching footage of the Cowboys’ defense against the Jags and Eagles, so they can do the same things to beat Dallas. Dan just needs to develop some new mystery over the weekend to confuse them.

Overall, as I said, I am very proud of our defense this year, and whatever happens on Monday, I can’t say that I am upset with how we’ve been this year. Dan has done a great job and the players have been amazing — I just want to see a couple of changes before Monday. GO, COWBOYS!

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