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“Hey Glazers, this is how you treat me after I’ve given you more gifts than you could imagine, and you were dying to hire me in 2018? You ungrateful %$#@#$%#^&*^@.

UPDATED 11:16 p.m.: Before Jon Gruden was canceled by Team Glazer and the NFL for offensive old emails, he was enshrined into the Buccaneers Ring of Honor in 2018.

After tonight’s news, Chucky should be reinstated immediately.

Speaking on an Ultimate Fighting Championship broadcast tonight, UFC President Dana White, a business partner with Tom Brady, said he had brokered a deal for Brady and Rob Gronkowski to join the Las Vegas Raiders instead of the Bucs.

And guess who killed it …

“I worked to put that deal together for Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders and it was almost a done deal. And at the last minute, Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn’t want him,” White said. “All hell broke loose, man. It was crazy. And Brady was already was looking at houses, and it wasn’t being said yet that Gronk was coming.”

Let that sink in.

Joe has no reason to believe White is lying — and Gronk confirms the story in the video below — so that should mean the Raiders were guilty of tampering with Brady in 2020 before his Patriots contract was up and he signed with Tampa Bay.

Back in February of this year, White told TMZ he pushed Brady to force a trade to Las Vegas after the Bucs’ January playoff loss to the Rams. Now that chatter makes a lot more sense.

Brady sure lives a complicated life for a guy who allegedly just wants family balance and to make movies and commercials, sell supplements and underwear, and to play football with his beloved Bucs teammates.

Gronk, who is in the same video, said “That’s exactly what happened,” after White finished his story. Gronk also said, “I’m glad it did not go through. It all worked out for the best. I am glad we went to Tampa — I love that place.”

Thanks for the second Super Bowl, Chucky!

See and hear White via the Twitter video below. And yes, that’s Gronk seated and listening on the left side of the video screen, and confirming the story. The UFC event was, in part, honoring Gronk and his family.

Dana White says Brady and Gronk ➡️ Raiders “was almost a done deal.” 😳 #UFC278 pic.twitter.com/buWEXxi5Ho

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