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Practiced some today.

Bucs fans, Joe brings you excellent news.

The Bucs have yet to play their second preseason game and already Chris Godwin, rehabbing a blown knee, participated in part of Bucs practice today. Yes, really.

Godwin has progressed to the point that he was involved in seven-on-seven drills as the Bucs practiced in the Glazer Shed this morning. Godwin caught a pass in red zone drills inside the five and jogged in for the touchdowns.

No, this was not walk-throughs. Guys were going full speed.

As Joe wrote yesterday, the Bucs are in regular season mode where only the first 30 minutes of practice is “open.” Though the Bucs let the local pen and mic club watch all of the practice, Joe and other media were forbidden to report on any of the practice after the 30-minute viewing window closed.

So when Joe saw Godwin catch his pass and run straight to Joe, (Joe was sitting in the end zone, third row), Joe was trying to figure out how to write about it without getting into trouble. Joe thought about typing, “Really cool math here: An interesting receiver took part in seven-and-seven drills.”

(Godwin’s number is 14 for those who don’t get it. You know, 7 and 7 = 14?)

Later, Joe asked a member of the Bucs media relations staff if it was OK after practice to just mention Godwin’s participation. He didn’t say no but asked Joe to hold off for a moment. Shortly after, Bucs coach Todd Bowles mentioned Godwin practicing, So Joe figured it was OK and Joe got the green light.

And now you know the full story.

How awesome is that? Godwin, with the season roughly a month away, is getting closer. So perhaps he may be back for Week 1?

Reason to get excited, Bucs fans!

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