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Same ol’ Chris Godwin.

Boy, did the Bucs miss Chris Godwin.

It’s a safe bet that if Godwin hadn’t blown out his knee last year, the Bucs would have returned to the Super Bowl. Just look who Tom Brady was throwing to in the playoff loss to the Rams, Scotty Miller and John Brown, the latter pulled off the street just days before.

And when the Bucs didn’t have Godwin last month, the offense really struggled (it didn’t help that Mike Evans was out as well).

It was a fair to concerned about just how healthy Godwin’s knee was when he returned to the field after major surgery. Some guys need extra time to get to 100 percent. Hell, the four-letter reported this past spring that Godwin would not be back until after Thanksgiving.

But Field Yates of BSPN believes the numbers suggest Godwin is back 100 percent.

To see him on the field in Week 4 was a good sign, to see him catch seven passes was a great sign. But perhaps the most important sign of all: Godwin ran 45 routes on pass plays in Week 4, second most in the entire league. What that tells us is clear and apparent: he’s back to a full go.

Godwin did not deny that he is back to his old self.

“I don’t know any other way to play,” Godwin said this week. “That’s all I know – to go be physical and give it my all.

“There’s no quit in me, and I’m going to keep doing that until it’s my time to [retire]. When that is, we’ll never know – but I’m grateful to be back on the field.

It’s no coincidence that having Evans and Godwin back on the field for the Chiefs game, had Tom Brady looking like his normal self too.

Brady had his best game this season and, Joe believes, put to rest any nonsense that whatever is going on in his private life is effing with his head.


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