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Experienced winner.

Joe understands not all Bucs fans agree on who the successor to Tom Brady dealing with Ryan Jensen’s sweaty arse should be.

Some believe in Derek Carr. Some want Kyle Trask. Others are OK with Blaine Gabbert. So here’s another name to ponder.

If the Bucs really are serious about winning the putrid NFC South and making another run at a Super Bowl, why not put the ball into the hands of a guy who has been there, done that?

For Jordan Dajani of CBS, that man is Jimmy GQ.

In a column Dajani typed about which free agent every team needs to target — the free agency dinner bell rings next month — the Bucs should fill the quarterback void with the most successful one available. That would be Jimmy GQ.

… an offense that still has plenty of pieces to be relatively successful. Derek Carr will probably be in consideration too, but I wonder which player between he and Jimmy G will be more expensive. The Buccaneers’ cap situation is one of the worst in the league, so Jason Licht should chase the more inexpensive of these experienced signal-callers. Could Brady’s former backup finally replace him under center? Time is a flat circle.

Joe is a big fan of Jimmy GQ and not just because of his choice of a higher learning institute. This guy wins, that’s all there is to it. He may not be the fastest or have the strongest arm, but he wins.

Problem is, Jimmy GQ is as brittle as a hard taco shell. Once has Jimmy GQ played in 16 games in a season since he escaped the boot of Bill Belicheat. Once. And that same year, the 49ers had a lead on the Chiefs in the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl. Yet some blame Jimmy GQ for John Lynch’s defense bending over.

So if Jimmy GQ can stay healthy, yeah, he’s much better (and probably cheaper) than Derek Carr.

The problem with Jimmy GQ is a team’s training staff may get as much of a workout as the players around him. And that same team better have a quality backup ready to rock and roll.

Hell, if Jimmy GQ could stay healthy, the 49ers might just be playing Sunday night.

The Bucs could do a whole lot worse than Jimmy GQ. Besides, for some, um (ahem), casual fans, Jimmy GQ might just be Brady’s equal.

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