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Saints DE Cameron Jordan.

In the mind of a hated Bucs rival, Bucs fans best be prepared to embrace the suck. Because a new chapter of the Lost Decade is upon us.

And that man is defensive end Cam Jordan of the slimy Saints. Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network caught up with Jordan at the skills competition of the Pro Bowl games in Vegas and asked Jordan his thoughts about Tom Brady being out of the NFC South for good.

Jordan isn’t exactly crying about Brady retiring but did give Brady his props. And then he offered his thoughts on the impact of Brady retiring on the Bucs.

“Tampa Bay will probably go back to where Tampa Bay has been,” Jordan said.

And that means it’s back to Buccaneers Cove, which for way too many years during the Lost Decade meant anchored in last place in the NFC South.

Joe isn’t going that far. The NFC South stinks. No team has a quarterback since the slimy Saints appear to want to wash their hands of Mr. Entertainment, Jameis Winston.

If the Bucs can land an experienced quarterback, they could win the division again. But who will win that tug of war, Todd Bowles who wants to win and save his job, or the front office which probably wants a rebuild?

This decision likely lands in the laps of the referee crew known as Team Glazer.

“We’re glad he’s out of the division. Tampa Bay will probably go back to… where Tampa Bay has been.”

8-time Pro Bowler #Saints Cam Jordan (@camjordan94) on Tom Brady retirement + hope he doesn’t see me at Pro Bowl for 3rd straight year b/c he’s at bigger Bowl. For @nflnetwork:

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