Bucs – Falcons: Refs gifted Tom Brady with a nonsensical roughing call

Tom Brady has never lost in his NFL career to the Falcons, and his spotless record certainly got some help during Sunday’s Week 5 game against Atlanta.

With the Falcons rallying in the second half from a 21-point deficit, the Buccaneers were facing third and five around midfield. The Falcons needed a stop, and it appeared they got just that.

Grady Jarrett broke from the outside and got to Brady for the sack. He wrapped Brady up around the hips and pulled him to the ground. There was no excessive contact, the hit wasn’t high or below the knees. It appeared to be a textbook tackle.

Yet, referee Jerome Boger called Jarrett for roughing the passer. Take a look:

refs called this roughing the passer on 3rd down and i genuinely do not know what Grady Jarrett could have done differently pic.twitter.com/VX6i0UpJiL

— Christian D’Andrea (@TrainIsland) October 9, 2022

We’ve seen quite a few questionable roughing calls over the years, but you’re not going to see many as bad as that one. There was no justification for the call, especially with the game on the line.

With the first down, the Bucs were able to run out the clock and win, 21-15. NFL were furious about the call.

This was how Twitter reacted

This may be the WORST roughing the passer penalty I’ve ever seen. Embarrassingly bad call. The Falcons got screwed.

BS call!!!!!

I just saw Tom Brady draw the worst roughing the passer call in the history of football.

— Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) October 9, 2022

THE worst roughing the passer penalty in NFL history. pic.twitter.com/0qwuXUvPXa

— Brenden Deeg (@BrendenDeeg_) October 9, 2022

the roughing the passer calls that Tom Brady gets are legitimately comical

— Benjamin Solak (@BenjaminSolak) October 9, 2022

roughing???? Brady swiped at him!!

— Mike Golic Jr (@mikegolicjr) October 9, 2022

Disgusting, horrific roughing the passer call. Jerome Boger should be fired and banned from all levels of football. Truly horrendous.

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) October 9, 2022

Roughing the passer! Don’t dare touch Tommy! We don’t allow touching poor old Tommy…the NFL should be embarrassed to have that $@?@!$

— Michael Wilbon (@RealMikeWilbon) October 9, 2022

I know we overreact to penalty calls. But the roughing the passer called on Grady Jarrett against Tom Brady was one that legitimately makes you wonder about the legitimacy of the sport. It was a routine tackle.

— Michael Hurley (@michaelFhurley) October 9, 2022

The roughing call they just gave to Brady might be the most embarrassingly bad NFL call in five years. And there is zero chance they call it for any other quarterback. #Falcons

— Mike Greenberg (@Espngreeny) October 9, 2022

The roughing the passer on Brady was the worst call I have seen in a long time. Falcons got robbed

— Booger (@ESPNBooger) October 9, 2022

Omg roughing the passer

What a horrendous roughing the passer call against Atlanta. Awful awful awful.

— Mitchell Schwartz (@MitchSchwartz71) October 9, 2022

It was a call that made zero sense. And the NFL really needs to hold that crew accountable.

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