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The injury report that was issued by the Bucs yesterday from the AdventHamstring Training Center said it all.

The Bucs had four players on the injury report with a hamstring injury. Leonard Fourette, Russell Gage, Chris Godwin and Zyon McCollum all were tagged with hamstring injuries.

Mind you this does not include suspended Mike Evans who, as we all know, has a chronic hamstring issue (with the exception of last season).

Now if you go by BSPN’s injury report list of all 32 teams, the Bucs have more than double the number of hamstring injuries as any other team in the NFL.

To be fair, Joe is a bit dubious how accurate this BSPN list is. For example, BSPN does not list McCollum. So how many other players or hamstring injuries on other teams is BSPN omitting?

Now Joe is fully aware that no one can predict an injury. No one. If someone could, he or she would be filthy rich and either on the payroll of some sportsbook in Vegas or bankrolled by the mob.

Still, on face value, with so many hamstring injuries before the Bucs have even played a third game, it should raise some eyebrows at the AdventHamstring Training Center that perhaps current procedures used, in theory, for hamstring injury prevention ought to be scrutinized.

It’s all fun and games now but if hamstring injuries continue to pop up and lead to the Bucs missing out on a Super Bowl in what is likely Tom Brady’s final season with the Bucs, that will get the attention of Team Glazer.

And then folks who work at the AdventHamstring Training Center ought to be worried.

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