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Eagles QB coach Brian Johnson.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

For Bucs fans who cling to the four-letter word that is “hope,” well, Joe guesses you are embracing that word right now.

A guy a lot of Bucs fans want as the team’s new offensive coordinator who also interviewed with the Bucs twice is the current quarterbacks coach of the NFC champion Eagles, Brian Johnson.

(No, not that Brian Johnson in Sarasota!)

Compared to the gigs Johnson is linked to, the Bucs might have to really overpay Johnson to get him to Tampa Bay. Johnson is rumored to be promoted to Eagles offensive coordinator because the former Eagles offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen, took the Colts head coaching gig yesterday.

And there is a belief Johnson could tag along with Steichen to be the Colts offensive coordinator.

One reason Johnson could be a really good fit in Tampa is his past with Bucs backup quarterback Kyle Trask, who some believe will be handed the keys to the offense to replace recently retired Tom Brady. Johnson was Trask’s offensive coordinator at Florida when he blossomed into one of college football’s best quarterbacks in 2020.

Of course, if you are Johnson, do you stick in Philly and coach Jalen Hurts, already a proven commodity?

Or do you go to Indianapolis where the Colts are expected to draft a quarterback early with the No. 4 overall pick?

If that happens, Johnson is likely to get a lot of job security and if the rookie signal-caller does anything, Johnson will likely get his own head coaching job.

Or, does Johnson go to work with Trask, green as grass, for a coach who could be on lame-duck status with a team shedding salaries and bodies to get under the cap? And a team likely suffering a losing season in 2023?

Remember: The Bucs had a losing season with Tom Brady in 2022 in a terrible division. Now imagine what the Bucs will do after they shave salaries (i.e. talent) without Brady.

The Bucs might have to throw a boatload of Team Glazer loot in Johnson’s lap to get him to pass on the Eagles and Colts.

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