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Sales pitch.

It isn’t just quarterback the Bucs need to worry about.

That comes from FOX Sports NFL and college football analyst and former first-round pick quarterback Brady Quinn.

On his FOX Sports Radio show last week, Quinn, who co-hosts a show with former Washington linebacker Lavar Arrington, isn’t buying the hype that Brady will land with the Raiders or the Dolphins, provided the Bucs want him back.

If the Bucs bring Brady back, Quinn is adamant the Bucs need to beef up the roster. If Brady leaves, Quinn is adamant the Bucs need to beef up their roster.

In short, Quinn thinks the Bucs are a bad football team, which is what their record demonstrates and why the Bucs chucked several offensive coaches including failed offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

“This club is so far away from the team that won a Super Bowl two years ago,” Quinn said. “They may have to make some drastic changes on the roster if they want to compete for a Super Bowl.”

Scanning the NFL, Quinn is convinced if Brady is serious about winning, he would stay with the Bucs. Why? Because the NFC South is so rotten, Quinn said.

“Looking at the landscape of where Tom Brady may go, isn’t the NFC still an easier path?” Quinn asked. When Arrington replied, “yes,” Quinn thinks that’s the pitch Team Glazer, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Bucs coach Todd Bowles will make to Brady.

“I think that is their selling point to Tom,” Quinn said. “Like, ‘Hey, you won one here already. You know we will pull out all the stops to do it. You know things weren’t working well offensively, so we moved on [from failed coordinator Byron Leftwich].

“‘Let’s go find one of the best guys out there to help bring you to the top of your game and help build this roster.’

“It might be in his best interest to stick around in Tampa.”

Arrington also agreed with Quinn that the Bucs need an upgrade in talent if they want to compete for a Super Bowl. He said the fall of the Bucs happened so fast, he likened it to leaving a refrigerated beverage out on the countertop.

“You talk about milk gone bad,” Arrington said.

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