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Follow all the action as the Cincinnati Bengals travel to Orchard Park to face the Buffalo Bills in the most highly anticipated matchup of the NFL playoffs, just three weeks after their pivotal Week 17 clash was halted following Damar Hamlin‘s on-field cardiac arrest.

Cincy calls its second timeout on 2nd and 5

Ball on the Cincinnati 25 yard line here.

Perine catches the screen for a first

Ball at the 20 now…

Cincinnati has the ball on the 9 with 40 seconds left

Buffalo gets the ball back to start the second half, so let’s see if the Bengals can put something together here

4th and 10 after a holding call and an incomplete pass

Allen misses Diggs, but a holding call would have pulled them back anyways

55 seconds left… 3rd and 10

These aren’t the best conditions for kicking…

ANOTHER big completion to Davis

Ball on the Cincy 42 with 1:05 to go

Allen finds Dawson Knox for the 1st down

1:11 left with the ball on the 33 of Buffalo


After that questionable and scrutinized decision, they trot out McPherson for the field goal

TOUCHDOWN CINCINNATI!!!… but they’re reviewing it… and it’s OVERTURNED

Burrow finds Chase in the back of the end zone for seven more points

The booth reviews it after seeing some movement in the ball… and they overturn the call

3rd and Goal after an incomplete pass

Five yards until six more points for the Bengals. Will they get there?

A false start now makes it 10 yards until the end zone…

Five yards to go until the end zone for Cincinnati…

Burrow finds Chase for the 1st down and it’s now 1st and Goal

Cincinnati can extend their lead here and put serious pressure on Buffalo.

Cincinnati calls a timeout as they stare down a 3rd and 4

Less than three minutes to go…

Samaje Perine for the first down

Cincy is doing well to keep the ball moving, now in the red zone

Hurst again over the middle and the Bengals are past midfield

Ball on the 35 yard line

And they grab another first with Mixon

Cincinnati is using the running game well here

Hurst catches it for the first down

Things move to the Cincinnati 35 now…


The Patented, Proven, Josh Allen Quarterback Sneak Technique™ strikes once again from a yard out.

That caps off a 15 play, 75 yard drive that burned 7:41 off the clock.

A great run from Allen gets him to around the 1 or 2 yard line

It’s now 3rd and goal…

Allen finds Khalil Shakir in the red zone for the first and goal

Can they get the response?

The Patented, Proven, Josh Allen Quarterback Sneak Technique™ gets a first for Buffalo on a 4th and 1
3rd and 2 coming up

Buffalo is in field goal range if they miss it here

Allen finds his rhythm with two first downs in three plays

First it’s to Gabe Davis, then a screen pass to Cole Beasley for the first. They’re inside the Cincinnati 35…

Buffalo gets its first 1st down of the day

He finds Diggs open over the middle

Josh Allen gets sacked to end the first quarter

It’ll be 2nd and about 12 when we come back for the second quarter

Burrow gets sacked by Matt Milano and the punt team comes out

It’s the first stop of the day for the Bills defense and Cincy will punt it away with under 10 seconds left in the quarter

Another incompletion, followed by a run brings us to 3rd and 7

The ball is around midfield here..

Caught by Trenton Irwin for the 1st down!

Excellent awareness from Burrow

Burrow throws his first two incompletions of the day
Allen’s pass is incomplete and Buffalo has to punt it away

Not an ideal situation as Allen just throws out of a sack

Back-to-back run plays sets up 3rd and 5

Buffalo needs a response this drive


Burrow finds Hayden Hurst wide open in the end zone for the second touchdown of the day!

Mixon gets dropped for the first loss of the day for the Bengals
The Bengals make the Bills jump offside and it’s a first

Cincy’s now in the Buffalo red zone

It’s the first 3rd down Cincinnati has faced today

It’s 3rd and 3 in a manageable position for Cincy

Joe Cool is still keeping things moving

This time he finds Tee Higgins for a 1st and they’re back around the Buffalo 30

Now it’s Samaje Perine for a first

Cincinnati already has over 100 yards of offense and we aren’t even 7:00 in yet…

Mixon rumbles for a first down

Back-to-back runs from Mixon gets Cincy close to the 50

Pressure forces Allen to throw it high and there’s a punt coming up

Allen feels the pocket collapse around him and he just misses a streaking Stefon Diggs

The first 3rd down of the day goes to the Bills

It’s 3rd and 4 after quick passes to Isaiah McKenzie and Stefon Diggs…

Buffalo will start their first offensive drive on the 23

Out comes Josh Allen, let’s see if he can respond here


Joe Burrow finds Ja’Marr Chase WIDE open in the middle of the field and he walks his way into the end zone

Burrow finds Tyler Boyd for a first right away!

Now Cincinnati is over midfield

Two plays is all it takes for the first 1st down of the game

A quick pass over the middle to Ja’Marr Chase is followed up by a run by Joe Mixon

KICKOFF: And we are underway from Orchard Park

Joe Burrow starts from the 21

Buffalo wins the coin toss and defers to the second half

Cincinnati will get the ball to start the game

An epic quarterback battle takes center stage in a snowy game

It’s Joe vs. Josh in a game that should be entertaining for more than just the weather

Bills fans are braving the elements for this one

It should be a full building in Orchard Park for this one

It’s snowing in Orchard Park…

What else would you expect in January in Western New York?

Bills confirm Hamlin is in Orchard Park

Whether or not he’ll be on the field with the team – out of uniform – or if he’ll be recognized is yet to be seen

Damar Hamlin is in the building

After staying home recovering the past two weeks, there appears to be video of Hamlin riding up to the Bills locker room in a security vehicle

Just been informed that @HamlinIsland is, in fact, in the building right now in Orchard Park

— Rich Eisen (@richeisen)

Damar Hamlin is with the team right now in the locker room. I was told
he’s not going to be coming out on the field .

— Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN)

I’m told Damar Hamlin is currently in the Bills
locker room #Bills #BillsMafia

— Tracy Wolfson (@tracywolfson)

It was just three weeks ago that the Damar Hamlin incident bonded these teams forever

Hamlin has since recovered from cardiac arrest and could be in the building today

Hello and Welcome to today’s coverage of the AFC Divisional round

Today’s matchup should be an interesting re-match of one of the darkest days of the NFL season

Bengals vs. Bills – NFL LIVE: Rivals reignite clash following Damar Hamlin’s collapse

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