Bears QB Justin Fields rushed for a 56-yard TD, and NFL fans lost it

Bears quarterback Justin Fields made his return to the lineup against the Packers, and it didn’t take long for him to remind everyone why he’s one of the most electrifying players in the league.

On Chicago’s second possession of the game, Fields broke free for a 56-yard rushing touchdown to give the Bears a 10-0 lead. According to Next Gen Stats, Fields reached a top speed of 20.15 mph on the score. It’s his eighth carry for over 20 mph this season.

.@justnfields isn’t human 😱

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) December 4, 2022

It was the third touchdown run of 56-plus yards for Fields this season. Fields also scored rushing scores of 67 and 61 yards.

This is also the sixth straight game where Fields has rushed for a touchdown, tying Johnny Lujack (in 1950) for the most all-time by a quarterback.

As you can imagine, Bears fans (and NFL fans and fantasy owners alike) were losing it over Fields’ exciting touchdown run.

How did he make this look so easy

This is like pee wee when the Qb is faster then everyone else

— Nathan Greenstreet (@Greenstreet_87) December 4, 2022

He reminds me of a Prime Cam. He’s a special player

— Former Ye stan/thanks for Graduation (@snohsidepiece) December 4, 2022

That speed is insane

— Not Hood Certified (@BannedCertified) December 4, 2022

Imagine if Justin fields had ANY help

— Benny Buckets (@xPoulin_) December 4, 2022

Omg how many times can Justin Fields do this!? He’s looking like Michael Vick 2.0 😦 #GamblingTwitter #NFLTwitter #NFL

— Raider Nation (@ZackPostal) December 4, 2022

All I can do is marvel at everything he does and dream about him in a 49ers uniform

— Jackson Frank (@jackfrank_jjf) December 4, 2022

— Zach Byk (@ZBYK_) December 4, 2022

Carved like a turkey

— Mac N D (@Mac_N_D_) December 4, 2022

— charles (parody) mcdonald (@FourVerts) December 4, 2022

You can see the moment when he finishes the calculations for the jump to hyperspace, and then it’s just over.

— ted lasso: salad defender (no its becky’s version) (@lilCheezey_) December 4, 2022

Somebody check #25 ankles on the pack😭

— 🐻B3ARDOWN🐻🎄 (@B3ARDOWNN) December 4, 2022

This dude is unbelievable

— Brendyn Ford (@brendynford) December 4, 2022

THAT IS MY QB! ABSOLUTE MAGICIAN!! LFG BEARS! #NFL #Chicago #ChicagoBears @ChicagoBears @justnfields

— cheebz.eth (@cheeeebz) December 4, 2022

That boy is NASTY NASTY🗣

— Deek (@deek_07) December 4, 2022

This dude is so God damn fast

— The Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (@OverlookGL_) December 4, 2022

Franchise QB at last. The north will be fun next year.

— Nick Weig (@tbweig) December 4, 2022

He literally glides past everyone like how is he THAT fast??

— Dagon The Pagan (@DagonMcpherson) December 4, 2022

Hope yall got ur Justin Fields bags packed this kid has IT 👀

— TOP SH🏀T SAD B😔YS (@TopShotSadBoys) December 4, 2022

Meet the Packers new owner: Justin Skyler Fields

— gunnar (@gnnrbrks) December 4, 2022

Bro is it just me or was he more of a pocket passer at OSU? Like why was this may not doing this more of the college level? I feel like he’s a better runner at the NFL level!!!

he’s not human but definitely is #DevelopedHere

— Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) December 4, 2022

Your QB can’t do this and thats OK.

That’s why Ryan Pace IQReacted the whole league and traded up for this guy.

31 teams really passed on this guy?

Teams actually picked 3 other QBs over this guy?

I have a masters, I want my GM spot now.

We gotta get this kid some receivers!! Man it is exciting to watch him work

I love Jaycee Horn but it gets more and more obvious the Panthers made a mistake passing on Fields

The guy is a stone cold menace!!!!

— Zach Prosperi (@Zach_Prosperi) December 4, 2022

justin fields is the most dynamic runner in football.

i don’t think it’s close either.

the best justin fields runs are when he disappears into the pile and then like 2 seconds later is 20 yards ahead of everyone

— cam ellis (@KingsleyEllis) December 4, 2022


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