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Joe knows people will go nuts because when all else fails, you know, blame the offensive line. Just because.

Legions of Bucs fans develop blisters from beating on their keyboards typing comments here claiming the Bucs’ offensive line is the absolute worst mankind has laid eyes upon and that is the reason for climate change. Or cancer. Or, hell, damn near anything.

You know, just because.

Ben Muth, a former offensive tackle at Stanford, regularly writes analysis for Football Outsiders. Muth goes into great detail breaking down the Bucs’ front line in their loss to Cincinnati. Did Muth have quibbles with the line? Sure. But overall, he thought the Bucs’ front line played OK, certainly good enough to win.

And that’s been Joe’s point all year. Is the line as good as it was the past three years? No, but good enough. Joe sees teams succeeding with worse lines. Why is that?

Well, other teams have coordinators that adjust. That’s not exactly the forê of Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Caution: Muth also has a couple of nice things to say about Bucs left tackle Donovan Smith.

One thing Muth did mention in the article hit home with Joe. Muth noticed Tom Brady seems awfully antsy in the pocket.

If you feel like killing time, you will notice that during last week’s game against the Bengals, Joe Twittered out that Brady seemed awfully jumpy, like he was hearing footsteps when he had time to throw. Muth thinks Brady panicked himself into one of his two picks.

Joe’s glad to not be the only one seeing Brady acting gun-shy.

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