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Bucs backup(?) left guard Nick Leverett

This cannot be written off simply as a Buccaneers company man saying he loves everyone and everything pewter and red.

Super Bowl left guard Ali Marpet retired last winter after a stellar seven-year Bucs career. It was a shocker.

Marpet seemingly was healthy and had just made the Pro Bowl at 28 years old, but behind the scenes he was suffering from high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week, Marpet said he now feels great and loves how has body has responded after an “80-ish” pound weight loss. Marpet’s frame wasn’t suited to carry all the weight he needed to play in the NFL, he said, and his body is cooperating now that he’s at an appropriate weight.

Joe already shared Marpet’s mixed reviews on the Bucs’ current offensive execution. But Marpet also talked about Thursday’s first career start of left guard Nick Leverett, who was replacing injured rookie Luke Goedeke.

Marpet was blown away how Leverett seemed high-energy and loose in his first career start. He said that’s very rare and Marpet shared how much he was sweating and nervous in his first start back in 2015.

Marpet thinks Leverett did a solid job and said his energy is contagious. Joe was more interested in what Marpet said about Goedeke, noting how he’s been a mentor for the rookie since he arrived.

Per Marpet, Goedeke is extremely impressive in his ability to physically move defensive linemen in ways most rookies can’t because they don’t have that level of strength. Marpet also said Goedeke has a great mind for the game and asks fantastic questions that reveal he’s a deep thinker when it comes to understanding football.

Joe is very curious to see how the Bucs move forward at left guard. Joe expects some form or rotation to resume when/if Goedeke returns Sunday against the Rams.

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